About us

When Saskia Jacobs started the search for a dog bed for her new dachshund SIF, all the options seemed drab and unappealing.
Finding the ideal bed for her dog was nigh on impossible.

STUDIO SIF, a design agency for pets was formed, to design and create the optimal dog bed.

We make sure our dog and cat beds are:

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Designed to fit any interior
  • Soft and tactile
  • Easy to transport
  • Multi-functional – from Bag to Cushion to Bed
  • Completely machine washable

The “Classic” denim version was the first bag Saskia made and friends and family began commenting on how eye catching and stylish it was.
Many of them had complained that the traditional dog beds sold in stores were not nice enough to fit in with their tasteful and sophisticated decor.
So began STUDIO SIF, a design agency for pets!  Creating beautiful pet products for their owners.

Saskia Jacobs